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Consultant Experience

Detailed areas of experience and qualifications are outlined below for some of our Consultants. If you would like more information or a detailed bio of any of our Experts, please contact us.

Scott Layne – Senior Expert – General Contracting

Scott Layne is President, Senior Expert and a co-founder of Oris Group. Scott oversees consulting projects pertaining to development, design/build, owner representation and forensic investigation and testimony. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Earl R. Hopper, MBA – Expert – Cost Accounting

Earl Hopper is Chief Financial Officer, Cost Accounting Expert and a co-founder of Oris Group. Earl consults on matters pertaining to general and forensic accounting, cost auditing, scheduling delays and disruptions, change-order impacts, mechanic liens, fraud analysis, risk assessment and conflict resolution.
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Mark Scherer (P.E.) – Expert – Civil Engineering

Mark Scherer is a Practicing Engineer and a Senior Consultant at Oris Group. Mark's expertise is utilized on matters that involve structural and civil engineering of institutional, industrial, commercial and residential buildings as well as public transportation and infrastructure. Mark also consults on a broad range of construction, design and development matters and possesses expertise in the testing and evaluation of large-scale structures, building systems and processes. Read more.. || Slide Up

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