We offer attorneys a complete package of assistance during mediation, deposition, arbitration, or trial. Experts will gather evidence, investigate, document and analyze claims, create the framework for presenting technical findings, and greatly improve the chances of success during legal proceedings. Read more.. || Slide Up

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We offer owners an inclusive set of services pertaining to project planning and building design, owner’s representation, construction management, construction defects, general and forensic accounting, cost estimating, risk assessment, large estate acquisition, confidential consulting, and much more. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Insurance Adjusters

We offer insurance adjusters a wide range of Expert services to assist with the evaluation or opposition of insurance claims. When retained, an Expert team will assay coverage policies and conduct precise, systematic investigations to determine if, how much, and what specific liability rests on particular parties. Read more.. || Slide Up

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We offer a wide list of Expert services to contractors and subcontractors who are in litigation or who need assistance with the construction, design, feasibility, evaluation, or acquisition of a particular project, regardless of the stage of progress they are in. Read more.. || Slide Up

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