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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting services are often requested with construction defect projects and involve the gathering and compilation of evidence from financial records and construction documents. The information gathered presents the evidence in a logical manner that is easy to understand in the context of a legal proceeding. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Cost Auditing

Cost Auditing services can not only recover lost funds, but they can help prevent future losses. Construction audits are unique in that they almost always result in a tangible benefit. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Project Cost Verification

Project Cost Assembly and Verification services can be rendered during any stage of the construction life cycle. They include an in depth review and analysis of all project costs. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Delay and Acceleration Claims

Our Consultants possess the essential knowledge to evaluate project schedules and analyze claims of delay or acceleration. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Effects of Overcharges/Change Orders

Huge cost overruns are not uncommon in construction. With so many working components, overcharges can range from 1-2% on well-controlled projects up to +100% on projects out of control. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Fraud Analysis

Construction and development related fraud are an everyday occurrence.  Fraudulent disbursements, deviation from approved specifications (using substandard products or materials), shorting insurance requirements or labor laws, subcontractor kickbacks... there are many ways to take money from construction projects. We've all seen headlines involving construction firms accused of misappropriating construction funds, taking shortcuts on building quality.  The resulting losses to project owners can be substantial and far reaching. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Risk Assessment

Construction risk can and should be mitigated by maintaining a focus on schedule, cost and scope. The goal is to ensure the right work is completed as quickly as possible and at the right price. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Expert Witness Testimony

Our Forensic Accounting services have provided Expert Witness Testimony and successfully contributed to obtaining numerous favorable settlements and seven-figure trial awards. Read more.. || Slide Up

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