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Oris Group provides consulting for structural and civil engineering. Our firm offers innovative and dynamic building solutions from an engineering perspective. Such perspectives aid in forensic investigation and building failure analysis, repair of distressed structures, various site design and development services, structural studies, surveying and calculations, local environmental studies and more. Practicing Engineer of the firm, Mark Scherer, is a registered civil engineer and has provided services for a variety of building types including small and large scale commercial buildings, nuclear facilities, libraries, schools, hospitals, government institutions, agricultural and manufacturing plants, as well as single and multi-family residences. Mr. Scherer has also offered Expert witness testimony in the fields of civil and structural engineering as well as assistance in dispute resolution activities such as mediation and arbitration. Areas of expertise include root-cause failure analysis, quality and third-party assessments, erosion control, surveying, public and private roadways, utilities, right-of-way, drainage, grading, and construction staging.


Root-Cause Failure Analysis

Root-Cause Failure Analysis provides a systematic forensic investigation from an engineering perspective, which is specifically aimed at identifying the underlying causes of events, revealing building issues and effectively solving them. Identifying the root cause(s) of a problem allows our Consultants to develop corrective measures that will aid in preventing that problem from re-occurring while at the same time provide insight with regards to accountability. Such investigations require our consultants to utilize science, mathematics, logic, field experience, as well as a series of prototypes, models, simulations, destructive tests, non-destructive tests and stress tests. Mapping out various possible solutions to a problem enables our project teams to evaluate which approach can be applied at the lowest cost and in the simplest way. If there are alternatives that are equally effective, then the simplest or lowest cost solution is presented first.

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First and Third-Party Quality Assessments

In building, the fundamental principle of quality assurance is quality assessment. First and Third-party quality assessments are one of the best ways to ensure technical and contractual compliance with building plans, specifications, procedures, codes and standards, public health and safety, as well as local, state and federal regulations. Such unbiased analysis is customizable and often aids real property Owners, financial lenders, insurance adjusters, contractors and various industry professionals by providing an objective quality report that has been fully-documented and is viable as evidence in legal settings. Amongst subpar structural and civil engineering, third-party quality assessments are also generally effective at revealing deviations from construction and design plans, inferior products and materials, unsafe building practices, inappropriate scheduling delays and cost expenditures, defective building components and more. As such, third-party quality reports can be valuable for purchasing or selling real property, verifying and quantifying insurance coverage and evaluating building performance.

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Site Design and Development Services

Oris Group offers a wide range of site design and development services which range from concept development to schematic design all the way through close-out services. From either a design, engineering, costing or contracting perspective, the firm offers new construction services which can aid in things like plan and program review, feasibility analysis, site and materials selection, team organization, surveying, zoning, permits, erosion control, right-of-way, drainage, grading, waterproofing, roadways, utilities and much more.

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