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Forensic Investigation & Testimony

Forensic Investigation & Testimony services allow our Consultants to employ technical strategies to systematically investigate the cause and effect of specific actions taken by clients and other involved parties. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Delay Claims

Delay Claims on a construction project correspond to a period of time for which the project has been extended or work has not been performed due to conditions which were not anticipated when parties entered into a contract. Read more.. || Slide Up

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Quality & Third-Party Assessments

Quality & Third-Party Assessment services assist owners by investigating and providing property damage analysis reports for residential, commercial, mixed use, institutional, public works and hospitality projects. Our team also assists owners, builders and insurance carriers in the evaluation of third-party property damage claims. Our Consultants are often retained by the insurance carrier of an additional insured to examine and challenge the evidence relied upon during the original investigation of the underlying case.

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Land & Project Acquisition

Land and Project Acquisition services pertain to the acquisition and development of land to be used in the building or development process of commercial, agricultural or residential projects. The responsibilities of an Acquisition Consultant may include collecting data on available residential land, networking with brokers and major landowners, conducting feasibility studies on parcels of land, procuring and executing purchase agreements, preparing land packages to be used in marketing, coordinating infrastructure construction and preparing financial documents.

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Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Analysis services involve comprehensive testing and technical analysis of geographic locations for building or development projects. Jurisdictions often require developers to complete feasibility studies before approval of a permit application for a retail, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, housing, office or mixed-use projects. Our Experts can assist Owners, Developers or other interested parties with market and land studies to determine the best location within a jurisdiction and to test alternative land uses for given parcels. We also will create the framework and documentation for presenting our findings which both technical and non-technical professionals will understand and be able to use to make decisions.

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Contract Disputes

Contract Dispute services utilize systematic techniques to identify the relationship between events and the resulting impact on a project. This allows the Consultant to apportion responsibility for delays, disruption and inefficiency. We thoroughly evaluate issues including technical, scheduling, cost, quality as well as other critical issues, develop dispute resolution strategies, assist in settlement negotiations and provide concise, credible expert witness testimony. Our unique understanding of both the design/construction process and the litigation process allows us to assist clients in successfully negotiating, mediating, arbitrating or litigating even the most difficult contract disputes.

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Green Building

Green Building services offer a unique combination of expertise which promotes a reduced impact on project sites with minimized energy and resource consumption in buildings that are cost-effective, productive, comfortable and most of all, good for the environment.  Rising energy costs and an increasing demand for extenuating carbon and environmental impact is changing how we use and think about electricity.  In order to construct buildings efficiently, it requires an in depth understanding of the way buildings come together and the various materials and technology available to use in the process.  Oris provides green solutions as well as design from concept phase to close out for single and multi-family residences as well as commercial buildings.  We can explain the costs and benefits of building green.  If you are interested in learning more about our Green Building services we encourage you to contact our offices.

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